Friday, April 26, 2013

DIY Dryer Sheets using Liquid Fabric Softener

If you prefer dryer sheets over the liquid fabric softener here is a DIY recipe for dryer sheets using liquid fabric softener.

Dryer Sheets
Using homemade fabric softener or your favorite store brand, mix together;
  • 1 part fabric softener to 
  • 1 part water

You will need some soft cloths,wash cloths work as well as the cheap dish rags from a dollar store (photo below).
I got a pack of 5 reusable wipes at my local dollar store for $1.50.

This pack will actually make 10 dryer sheets because they are large enough to cut in half and still have a good size sheet (The wet spot on the lower corner was from some kind of liquid on my counter and I accidentally laid the wipe on it ~ sorry)Take the cloths and soak them in the fabric softener liquid mixture. Wring out well, and hang them somewhere to dry. When they are dry, fold them up and store them in an air tight container.

When you are ready to put a load of clothes in the dryer, slip a dried softener sheet in. These can be used a couple of times before you have to do the process over again. The sheets will last because all you do is repeat the process and you don't have to keep buying fabric softener sheets again and again saving you $$$$

Tip: If you don't have any dryer sheets made up and need one on the spur of the moment just put some of your fabric softener in an empty spray bottle and spritz some onto a cloth and throw into the dryer.

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