Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Carnival Lemonade Shaker Recipe

I don't know about anyone else but whenever I take my kids to a Carnival or Fair I have to get one of those delicious Lemonades that they sometimes call Lemon Shakers. You know ,the kind where they make it and sit it right in front of you in the cup. It has only ice, water, sugar and lemon halves or quarters which is usually put right into the cups. They are so refreshing. 

Well I have copied many cold drink recipes from various places and I made this Carnival Lemonade last night while kicking back with the kids. I must say it was sooo good that I'm sharing it with you.

Carnival Lemonade Shakers (This makes 1 large glass)
2 Large glasses
1 large or 2 small lemons cut in halves
1/4 to 1/3 cup sugar depending on taste
2 t. Lemon Juice concentrate (optional)

Get a large glass and fill a little over half full with cold water. Cut lemons in half. Squeeze out some of the juice into the water. Drop the rest of the lemon in the water. Add about 2 t. of lemon juice concentrate. Add the sugar. Take the other glass and pour back and forth from one glass to the other (this will help mix everything together). Let the lemonade sit for about 10 minutes. Add ice and enjoy!!

So while your  spending time with family and friends, enjoying great BBQ and family recipes, not to mention the FIREWORKS make yourself a Carnival Lemonade Shaker!.

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